about us

“Let’s just ******* do it”

And so it began. After a particularly difficult day at the office the nagging trickle of a desire to travel that had been building ever since we got together 15 years ago built into a flood of intent. We could do this. We will do this.

Fast forward 9 months and with one resignation handed in (that took guts from Claire even though James had to press send) and one sabbatical agreed (proving that you can’t beat a good boss – hello there if you’re reading this, don’t forget me!) we’re set for what we hope is our greatest adventure yet.

This is wanderlust and baby and we are a family of 3 about to embark on a 12 month trip to the Americas.

Who are you?

Claire: 34 years old, loves cheese, international development professional, qualified youth worker, does the talking, speaks French and a bit (soon to become a lot) of Spanish

James: 34 years old, loves numbers, on a 12 month sabbatical from an investment bank, good listener, average runner, poor linguist. About to start crash course in Spanish

Amber: 15 months old, tall like her Dad and talks like her Mum. Her first word was train which is maybe a good omen. Loves books, dancing and shouting

Why are you doing this?

Claire: it’s a life dream that is actually coming true

James: because I had a bad day at work and it all sort of went from there

Amber: doing what?