One day to go

I am currently surrounded by endless piles of stuff, trying to figure out what makes the final cut. It’s the day before we leave for Rio and I need to decide for once and for all what we are taking with us. Packed already are toys, books, endless sachets of calpol and two Bunnies (life wouldn’t be worth living if we lost Amber’s go-to cuddly). Still to be decided are clothes – how many t-shirts do you need for a year??

The past few weeks have been a blur of prepping, packing, parties and, as we have come closer to our departure date, saying goodbye. I’m an emotional sort, and I’ve found the goodbyes tough. We have come and gone a fair bit in the past without much fanfare or fuss, but now we have Amber it is so much more poignant – she will grow up and change a lot in the time we’re away and it is hard knowing that those closest to us won’t be there to share it.

But now we are here – a day till kickoff – and excitement is creeping back in. We are landing in Brazil in the midst of the Olympics. We plan to be gone for a year. We have booked accommodation for the first couple of weeks, then we’ll travel south of Rio to a fishing village called Barra da Lagoa outside Florianopolis to spend a week on a beach. We have yet to decide where we will go after that.

For years we have wanted to do this. Far flung holidays lasting a couple of weeks or so have been brilliant but have only fed our travel bug. It has always been a long term travel adventure that we craved. The whole idea of not knowing where we will be in the following weeks, having the freedom to plan as we go along.

We won’t be able to be quite as carefree as we will have Amber. We will need to put more thought into our itinerary and be more choosy about where we go. But having her there is going to only enhance the journey on a million levels.

There are many things ahead of us that I can’t even begin to imagine. I’m looking forward to taking Amber to the beach to play in the sea for the first time in her little life. I’m looking forward to looking at a map and saying hey how about going there next week. I’m looking forward to just having time together as a family – this is the reason we are doing this after all.

So, back to packing. One more push and then we will be ready. South America here we come…


One thought on “One day to go

  1. Go Leesons, go!!!! Can’t believe the time has come. Live for the moment, enjoy every second and bloody well come back safely. Love you all 😘😘😘😘😘


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