Highs and lows

This path that we have taken

Is adventurous, some have said brave!

Experiencing the world and all its delights

Creating memories to forever save.


And travelling with our little girl

Is rewarding, fulfilling and fun.

Being together, watching her grow,

Teaching her how things are done.


But it’s not all sunshine and beaches,

And with its highs come lows.

Like getting a passport stolen

Was a pretty major blow.


And when our girl got very ill

And we didn’t know what to do

As we ourselves were lying in bed

Shivering with Peruvian flu.


Moments like that, when you’re out on a limb,

You feel isolated, vulnerable and alone

It’s easy to wonder what on earth you are doing,

Being so achingly far from home.


But we never forget just how lucky we are

To have done this incredible trip.

The places we’ve been and the things that we’ve seen

More than make up for the blips.


These challenges are all part of the experience

Through them, we learn and we grow

And they will surely make us stronger

Just how much, in due course we will know.


And as we approach the end of our travels,

And look forward to heading back home,

We know in our hearts we gave it all that we could

And we’re proud of how far we have come.



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