Our first week in numbers

I love numbers. And so what better way to mark our first week than a run down of some of the key facts and figures from our time in Rio so far. So in no particular order:

The number of minutes spent at Christ the Redeemer where cloud cover meant we only saw a fraction of the famous views. Also the number of times we got annoyed by tourists pushing and shoving to get their perfect photo. Not that we’re bitter.


Christ not doing much to redeem the view. Out of shot are a million tourists lying on the ground taking photos.

The number of days we’ve not drank beer. We’ve set out on at least 2 occasions to give ourselves the day off but come mid afternoon the temptation is too strong. We’ll live more healthily in Uruguay, probably. At least one third of us is always sober.

The number of Uber rides we’ve had. The youngsters probably take this for granted but at my age the fact that the app works as normal abroad blows my little mind. They may get some bad press but they really do make getting around cheap and easy.

The time we usually start getting ready for bed. Most Brazilians have just had lunch by this point. The nightlife is meant to be world class but we’re pretty content with pasta, a beer and Olympics coverage.

Thirty Six
The number of medals Team GB have won while we’ve been in Rio. At a time when pride in our country has taken a bit of a hit our athletes are a huge credit to the nation. Let’s hope Team GB is around for many more Olympics to come.

The number of mosquito bites we’ve had despite a rather brazen claim in an earlier blog entry that there were no mosquitos.

The number of times we’ve lost Amber’s bunny – read the harrowing account told through the medium of poetry for yourself.

The number of goals Leicester City have conceded since we have been in Rio. If there is some correlation between me being in the UK and Leicester winning football matches (and league titles, of course) then we may have to have some difficult conversations soon.

The number of In The Night Garden episodes we’ve watched in emergency travel situations to keep Amber happy (quiet).

Twenty Six
The number of days we have left in Brazil before heading to Uruguay – further blog entry coming soon on what we have planned. In the meantime here’s a highly inaccurate map giving a rough outline.



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