In gratitude to In the Night Garden

Upsy Daisy was a girl we once knew
Who understood just what to do
When Amber was sad
Or teething like mad
Daisy lifted her spirits anew

Upsy Daisy had lots of friends
Her time with whom she would spend
Amber squealed with delight
To see them at night
As they sang, danced and played with no end
They were the oddest and funniest of crews
Igglepiggle, Makka Pakka, the Haahoos
The Tittifers were the best
With their colourful chests
Not to mention the sweet Tomliboos
In the Night Garden, we say many cheers
You’ve helped wipe away loads of tears
As we continue our travels
And our journey unravels
We’ll be watching you over the years.

An engrossed Amber after a particularly bad spell of teething pain


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