Master Puppeteers

Puppetry is our new skill
We practice day to day,
Keeping Amber occupied
By making her toys play.

Her toys have unique talents
They are a gifted little group,
And their love of the spectacular
Makes them quite the circus troupe.

Bunny is our dancing man
He loves to rock and roll.
His very nifty footwork
Never fails to surprise us all.


Bunny busting out some moves

Monkey keeps us entertained
By climbing up the walls,
Clowning around the sofa,
And whooping mating calls.

The resident gymnast is Puppy
Who tumbles with such grace,
Executing splits and somersaults
Without landing on her face.

Elephant is a jazz musician,
Oh watch him as he grooves!
Dancing whilst blowing his trumpet
And very confident in his moves.


Elephant casually grooving

And finally we have Doggy
Who is an athlete – how he runs!
Reaching such speed so quickly
That he shocks, awes and stuns.

The troupe gives daily performances
To their most adoring fan,
Who giggles, screams and squeals,
Excitedly clapping her hands.

They put on quite a spectacle
Getting more adventurous every day
Who knows what heights their skills may reach
If the Master Puppeteers have their way?


Cuddling the whole troupe


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